Should I buy a Principal Place of Residence or Investment Property first?

A common question for first time investors is what is better – to buy their principal place of residence (PPOR), or an investment property (IP) first? The crux behind this question is generally what will […]

Does rental yield matter when it comes to borrowing capacity?

With the significant changes in recent history to lender policy resulting in reduced borrowing capacities for investors – investors are now looking for new ways to increase their ability to borrow funds to purchase more […]

How to grow a large portfolio post APRA

APRA (the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) has fundamentally changed the ability to investment in property since began proactively enforcing policy changes on banks since April 2015. The regulator has been actively trying to alter how […]

Commercial Stamp duty Reduction for South Australia – July 2017 onwards

As part of rolling changes to help the SA economy, the second stage of business/investment reforms has come through this financial year with commercial stamp duty being reduced to a third of the normal rate […]

How guarantees work

With housing affordability and the difficulty to enter the property market becoming a greater focus for first home buyers and investors – the topic of guarantor loans is now coming to the forefront as a […]

Property Researching Tools

Below is a list of commonly used websites for research and analysis of properties and property investment within Australia.

Property Listing Websites (Residential) – Primary listing website for Residential property in Australia – Second largest residential […]

Cash or Equity for Deposit?

For many investors – how they pay for their deposits on investment properties is considered an afterthought, something which will not impact their long term finance or investing strategy. This can leave investors with less […]

Diversified Lending Structure – how to extend your borrowing capacity

It may be well known by our clients – but the average investor is not aware that they can potentially increase their long term borrowing capacity by over 100% by utilising a diversified lending structure. This […]

Interest only vs principal and interest

One of the key components for understanding structuring the finance for an investment portfolio is to understand the difference between interest only and principal and interest repayments for your loans. Choosing the right repayment type […]

LMI: Friend or Foe

Minimising costs is great, we should all do it. Sometimes however in saving as much as possible, we spite our long term potential by focussing too much on the short benefits. LMI is no exception […]

Planning your investment strategy? Start with your goal and work backwards.

One of the most common questions early investors ask is: “What sort of property should I buy/What should my strategy be?” In many cases it can be the first question they ask – but cannot […]

Lease Doc Commercial – Or How I learned to love Lease doc to continue investing

Lease Doc Commercial – Or How I learned to love Lease doc to continue investing

I’ve mentioned this type of product a few times and find that quite a few investors aren’t aware that it exists, […]

APRA: The evolving lending climate for investors – challenges and opportunities

Over the last two months the Australian residential lending markets have been under substantial changes, with shifts in lender policies and interest rates. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been responsible for applying pressure […]

How to grow an investment portfolio with limited Equity

Sweat Equity – Expanding your portfolio through Renovations

A common issue that a lot of early investors can find in their starting their investing journey is a lack of equity to draw to make their second, […]