The idea of a pool in your backyard is amazingly glamorous for hosting weekend parties, events, organizing poolside dinners, and cozy evenings for your friends. Without proper maintenance, you will have problems with your pool regarding green water, algae that can succumb on the sides, broken filters, etc. No one would want to relax by the pool that once was the shiny diamond of your backyard. To avoid this scenario, here are some useful tips that will help you maintain your pool clean and safe. 

Remove Built Up Stains 

Draining your pool and washing down the stains is not a very useful thing to do if we take into consideration the price of acid, types of stains, and time needed for the pool to drain. Pool stains, if acid wash, tend to be back in no time, and if you consider the fact that there is a whole bunch of stains caused by numerous factors like black spotting, algae buildup, calcium build-up, and chopper stains, every one of them demands different treatment. You can avoid the long process of draining your pool and apply stain removal without draining which is super-efficient for bringing back the best days of your pool. Additionally, if you cannot bother with this on your own, then you can hire a company’s specialist to deal with it instead of you faster and professionally. 

Scimming and Scrubbing 

Make skimming and scrubbing a part of your everyday routine to prevent some following problems. Skimming the leaves and dirt of the water surface demands no skills and is just a simple drill. For the well-maintained poll and the one in everyday use, skimming should be done daily. If you want to invest some money in your pool maintenance, then consider getting a vacuum cleaner that will clean the pool bottom for you. When it comes to scrubbing, you can perform it every once a week. If there are any growths on the sides of the pool, you can just use a brush and scrub them for your pool to look fresh. These are simple maintenance tips that will make your pool look neat.

Baking Soda 

Baking soda makes wonders when it comes to cleaning and gives every surface almost instant shine. In this line, undeniably, pool chemicals can be ridiculously expensive and not only cost you money but time as well. So, why don’t you consider getting a little help straight from a grocery store? Grab a pack of sodium bicarbonate. This amazing chemical product will help you regulate the alkalinity of the pool without reducing PH levels. Pool products for the alkalinity control demand hefty sums of money while, as it turns out, baking soda does the same thing for a fraction of the price. 


It would be easier for you if you thought of your swimming pool’s filters as kidneys of the system. Just as kidneys do with our body, swimming pool filters work constantly on removing impurities from the water like dirt, leaves, algae, and even small objects that found their way to water under mysterious circumstances. Usually, the pool can be cleaned simply by turning the filter off, removing the filter cap, lifting the filter basket, and removing all dirt before setting the system again. You should clean the filter’s basket every week and you will want to clean pipes utilized to the system quite as often. 

Chemical Levels 

If you want your pool not only clean but safe, then you should keep an eye on the chemical level in the pool. Chemical levels are simply one of the most important factors in pool maintenance. Imbalanced water looks cloudy, murky, can cause skin and eyes irritations, and make your pool a breeding ground for bacteria growth. So, you should test your water at least once a week for the levels of cyanuric acid, free chlorine, acidity/alkalinity, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Water testing is not a brainer, everything you will need is a kit from your nearby pool store.

Tennis Ball For Absorbing Oils

Whenever the swimmers get in the pool, there is something that will be left behind and these are skin oils. These oils collect on the water surface and can look quite nasty. But we got your back; use a tennis ball that will collect all of these oils by simply floating on the surface and making your water crystal clear. 

There is a bunch of things you can do for your swimming pool to be clean and neat, that are a part of your daily routine and will not cost you a lot of money. But, the smartest thing you can do from the very beginning is to make it a part of our everyday routine.