About Gerry Bosco

Gerry has worked in various roles within Finance & Banking ranging from Branch Management, Business Development and Sales roles with Banks and Non-Conforming Lenders. The 30 years of experience gained in banking has provided Gerry with a thorough understanding of the complex world of finance enabling him to assist clients in Sydney requiring help with complex lending requirements.

Cash or Equity for Deposit?

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For many investors – how they pay for their deposits on investment properties is considered an afterthought, something which will not impact their long term finance or investing strategy. This can leave investors with less effective borrowing structures which can reduce their borrowing capacity and tax effectiveness. The options for how to pay for deposits [...]

Diversified Lending Structure – how to extend your borrowing capacity

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It may be well known by our clients at Precision Funding – but the average investor is not aware that they can potentially increase their long term borrowing capacity by over 100% by utilising a diversified lending structure. This is a common discussion I have with first time investors, which isn’t talked about in [...]

Interest only vs principal and interest

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One of the key components for understanding structuring the finance for an investment portfolio is to understand the difference between interest only and principal and interest repayments for your loans. Choosing the right repayment type will be fundamental to ensuring you have the most efficient finance setup, to maximise your borrowing capacity, reduce personal debt [...]

Planning your investment strategy? Start with your goal and work backwards.

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One of the most common questions early investors ask the team at Precision Funding is: “What sort of property should I buy/What should my strategy be?” In many cases it can be the first question they ask – but cannot be accurately answered without first knowing something far more important. It’s hard to plan a [...]

APRA: The evolving lending climate for investors – challenges and opportunities

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Over the last two months the Australian residential lending markets have been under substantial changes, with shifts in lender policies and interest rates. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been responsible for applying pressure on lenders to try limit their investment lending growth through the higher stress testing of debt calculations, increases in deposit [...]

How to grow an investment portfolio with limited Equity

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Sweat Equity - Expanding your portfolio through Renovations A common issue that a lot of early investors can find in their starting their investing journey is a lack of equity to draw to make their second, third (and so on) purchases. The standard options for those early investors are either: Save for their next deposit [...]