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Team Girls – an example of Australian banks providing effective community building

In Australia much like the rest of the world, banks can often be seen as uncaring money driven organisations which hurt communities than help them grow. In response to this perception, many banks and lending institutions have looked to how they can engage with and develop [...]

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What is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

A home equity line of credit is a line of credit facility specifically used to release equity from a home with available equity. This is a specifically a loan type which is designed for consumers to draw against residential property for personal use or personal investment. [...]

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The Average Living Expenses For a Family of Four in Australia

Are you and your family looking at moving to Australia, or wondering what it costs as a family to live? Here’s a helpful guide on the estimates of what it would cost currently for a family of four to live in Australia. A common question many [...]

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Bankruptcy Loans – what are they and how do they work?

It may come to surprise many people but bankruptcy loans exist and are used often by Australians who are currently in the process of applying for bankruptcy, currently bankruptcy or a discharged bankrupt. So what exactly are bankruptcy loans, what can they be used [...]

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