Australia’s hit TV show House Rules has a new competition in partnership with Allianz. The latest House Rules competition gives you the chance to win 1 of 6 $10,000 home makeovers.

By watching House Rules each week and looking out for the code word, you can enter in your chance to win.

During the competition timeframe there will be 6 unique code words shown during episodes of House Rules on Channel 7. You can go onto the House Rules websites and enter in the code word with your details to enter a chance to win.

There is one new code word with each episode of House Rules for the competition period.

In additional to your potential 6 chances to win, if you hold an active Allianz insurance policy you can use the policy number to get an additional bonus 7 entries, giving you a total of 13 chances to win the House Rules $10,000 Competition.

House Rules Competition Entry Period

The House Rules $10,000 home makeover competition runs from 10 May 2020 until 7 June 2020 at 9pm AEST.

What is the House Rules Competition Prize?

The House Rules competition prizes are for six $10,000 towards a home makeover.

What is House Rules?       

House Rules is a television competition where six Australian teams who renovate each other’s homes and scored on their results by real estate, design and construction professionals. Each week a team is eliminated until the final remaining team wins the major prize of $100,000. The competition is one of Australia’s most popular shows with over 600,000 viewers watching each week.

The House Rules teams in the competition are a mix of friends, couples and family members. Some contestants have trades skills which help them in their renovations, however most teams in the competitions have only had skills they’ve developed from DIY renovations in the past.

The major prize for the competition has changed in various seasons – with prize money fluctuating from $100,000 up to $355,000. In the first seasons, the competition prize was to have their mortgage fully paid off.

You can read more about and enter the House Rules Competition here: