Whether you’re an avid foodie, love the heat and the beaches or just want to spend some time in a bustling city, the capital city of New South Wales, Sydney is a booming and growing city full of fun and exciting things to do. Sydney is situated on Botany Bay and its beautiful surrounds stretching north over the Sydney Harbour and as far west as the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park.

Sydney is a humid city, often mild and cool in winter, however, has been known to really turn up the heat in summer driving thousands to its numerous famous beaches along the coast. Bondi is the foremost among them with the famous break attracting thousands of surfers and swimmers alike each year. Whilst you’re there why not stop in at the lifeguard tower and say g’day to the Bondi Rescue boys? If the packed beaches of Bondi aren’t your flavour, there are plenty more outside of the city at places like Cronulla and Manly.

The Harbour City gets its nickname from the harbour it surrounds, which is full of many sights and attractions for not just locals, but tourists as well. First and foremost, would have to be the iconic Australian landmark, Sydney Opera House. You can see this majestic piece of architecture from both the land or sea. Whether you want to jump on a speedboat and race around the harbour or stand on its iconic steps there are a multitude of ways to see the Sydney Opera House.

Right behind the Opera House stands the equally as iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge that dominates the skyline. You can climb the bridge and boat right underneath the magnificent structure. Do you want more heights? Then you need to take a trip up the Sydney Tower to the Skywalk for a full on 360-degree view of the city and surrounding suburbs. Before you leave the harbour, the Taronga Zoo is an absolute must visit. Why would you want to pass up the opportunity to cuddle a koala or pet a kangaroo?

Are you not one for the touristy sights and are you in the city for sport? Sydney has plenty of that on offer. During the cooler months you can find the cities multiple football, whether its AFL in the Sydney Swans or Greater Western Sydney Giants or with no less than nine NRL teams featuring the likes of the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs. If you’re there in the summer, drop in and catch a game with the Sydney Sixers or Sydney Thunder!

If you’re looking for work in Sydney, there should be no shortage of it. Sydney is known for it’s family friendly environment and is a great place to raise a family. With industries booming, Sydney is simply the place to be for industry with some of the highest wages in the country. Why would you not want to get paid more? For those working in the CBD you will be hard pressed to find a better public transport system in the country. Sydney is loaded with it right from the inner CBD all the way through to the outer suburbs, perfect for those young professionals moving into the area.  If you need to be somewhere, Sydney will get you there. (one of the reasons why Precision Funding moved to Sydney!)

Finally, if you want something different, the best place in Sydney is not even in the city at all. The Blue Mountains National Park is less than an hour from the CBD by car, giving you plenty of options to explore and adventure in as you head out towards central NSW. With much of Australia’s wildlife on offer with stunning view of jaw-dropping scenery, the Blue Mountains are one place you don’t want to miss out on.