Frequently Asked Questions

Making use of Precision Funding’s mortgage broking service is beneficial to you that you will receive a professional service, with a broker who is knowledgable in loan structuring, servicability factors and bank policy. With this knowledge you can receive an informed opinion as to the most suitable loan product for you within the lending market, as well as assist in the entire loan process, saving you time and potentially money.

We do not charge for our mortgage broking service, where instead we are remunerated from commisions from the bank in which we write loans to. All commisions and payments are transparently disclosed to customers prior to any decisions being made. Whilst we are remunerated by the lenders, we do not work for the banks, we work for you.

Quite simply, if you walk into a bank and ask for the best loan, will they tell you their competitor provides a better deal? At Precision Funding our goal is to find the most competitive product which is most suitable for you. Our focus isn’t upon what is good for the bank, but providing you with the best deal.

Precision Funding provides advice in regards to debt structuring and lending advice. As a matter of legal and regulatory matters, we are unable to provide taxation or investment advice. We can however refer you to Accounting and Financial Planning services which can fulfill these needs for you. In many cases combining the services of a mortgage broker with these professions can result in more effective delivery of services and benefit to the client.

We absolutely can assist all clients interstate and even overseas – we have clients spread all across Australia and the four corners of the globe.

Brokers have the same access to rates that any direct lender can provide – and in many cases can negotiate rates lower than banks advertise to their customers.

One of the most important keys to a successful property portfolio is in correctly structuring lending to work towards your goals, not against it. As a part of our service, we ensure you are familiar with how we structure your lending and how this helps you in the future. This can include ensuring you have the ability to draw from your equity in the future to make more purchases, being placed with lenders who allow development, or have servicing structures which can allow your to rapidly make multiple purchases.

Fundamentally, correctly structured lending will mean that not only do we get you the loan that you need, but ensure we have the ability for you to get the next loans too.