Businesses using Vehicle Fleet Finance

When it comes to financing your fleet vehicles, each business has unique circumstances which mean that different finance products can make sense. Each finance structure available has different benefits, through either ownership benefits, taxation considerations [...]

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Understanding Non-Bank Lenders & How they Can Push Your Portfolio Further

 What are Non-Bank Lenders? A non-bank lender is a financial institution that offers home loans and other types of loans, but which doesn’t hold a banking licence. Some of the better known ones are [...]

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How are my Living Expenses calculated in 2018 – The New Standard (HEM)

This Article is written by Gerry Bosco, one of Australia's leading mortgage brokers assisting more borrowers get approved in the face of changing lending conditions. Need help with borrowing for your next home or investment? [...]

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Should I buy a Principal Place of Residence or Investment Property first?

A common question for first time investors is what is better – to buy their principal place of residence (PPOR), or an investment property (IP) first? The crux behind this question is generally what will [...]

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Does rental yield matter when it comes to borrowing capacity?

With the significant changes in recent history to lender policy resulting in reduced borrowing capacities for investors – investors are now looking for new ways to increase their ability to borrow funds to purchase more [...]

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