Loans for Accountants and Lawyers

Did you know that certain accountants and lawyers can be eligible to access discounted interest rates and fee waivers due to their profession? Due to the relative security and income profile of these industries, some lenders will provide strong incentives with this type of industry package.

The brokers at Precision Funding are specialists at this type of funding and have access to these restricted access packages for our clients. Professionals which can qualify for these discounts include:

Legal Professionals:

  • Lawyer
  • Solicitor
  • Barrister
  • Judge
  • Magistrate
  • Legal Partner

Accounting Professionals:

  • Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Auditor
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director
  • Finance Director
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Finance Partner

Some of the benefits of working with Precision Funding to secure your next Professional package loan include:

  • Discounted interest rates and fees for your loan
  • LMI waivers for eligible professional
  • Advice on how you can build an investment portfolio using a professional package offers for accounting and legal professionals

Lenders Mortgage Insurance Waiver

The most considerable benefit provided by these Professional package offers for legal and accounting professionals is a waiving of lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) for loans up to a maximum of 90% LVR. This waiver can save 10’s of thousands of dollars on your loan and allow you to pay your home off sooner, or build a larger investment portfolio.

Want to know if you can qualify for a Professional Loan Package as a legal or accounting professional? Call with Precision Funding today to find out the requirements and the options available from our expert brokers.