Investor Home Loans

Investing for the future of yourself and your family is important, with Australians more than ever taking control of their financial future and investing in property. As active property investors the team at Precision Funding can help you build an investment portfolio through time tested effective lending strategies.

Each property investor who works with the team at Precision Funding gains access to our extensive lender panel specifically designed to assist investors, allowing them to borrowing more, reduce their costs and save on fees.

If you’re a property investor the team at Precision Funding can help you:

  • Find out how much you can borrow to invest in property
  • How to use an investment lending strategy to maximise your ability to borrow more than any one lender would otherwise provide
  • How to use fixed or variable interest rates in your strategy
  • How to minimise fees and reduce the interest rates on your loans
  • How to borrow 100% of the purchase costs to buy your next investment property including all government charges and stamp duty through using the equity in your existing properties
  • What lenders mortgage insurance is, how much it costs and whether you should use it towards building your investment portfolio

Valuations at no cost

As a highly ranked mortgage broking firm, Precision Funding has access to free upfront valuations when you’re a client of our team.

This allows you to be able to have your property valued ‘upfront’ when making a purchase to reduce the time it takes to get approved. Likewise valuations can be ordered at no cost to determine any property value before any revaluation or topup- saving time and potentially hundreds of dollars in fees.

Precision Funding is here to make the finance process of investing in property easy – leverage our experience and knowledge to make decisions with your investment goals.

Need an investment focused mortgage broker, connect with us today.