Bad Credit Home Loans


If you currently have bad credit through listings on your credit file, it’s now possible to potentially buy a property or refinance existing loans with specialised lenders and competitive products available.

The team at Precision Funding can assist in reviewing your bad credit situation and let you know the potential options available to help you with your next purchase or refinancing.

If you have bad credit the brokers at Precision Funding can help you find out:

  • What loan products are available for you to make your next purchase or refinance
  • How much you can borrow
  • How you can improve your credit file to allow you to transition back to mainstream lending

What are Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans/impaired loans are a type of mortgage offered by specialist lenders. These loan options are designed to help provide options for people who may not qualify for normal loan options through mainstream lenders and would otherwise be unable to make a purchase or refinance an existing loan.

Bad credit loans can help people who have credit impairment due to:

  • Ex-bankruptcy
  • Defaults on their credit file from late payments on existing debts or unpaid bills
  • Highly active credit files with low credit scores due to excessive number of applications in short period of time
  • Debt Agreements
  • Going into arrears on overdrafts or credit cards

Do you have a type of credit impairment and want to know if there are options available to you to buy a home or refinance an existing loan? Connect with Precision Funding today or call 1300 653 599.