First Home Buyers

When it comes to buying your first home, it can be hard to work out where to start. With the team at Precision Funding, we can make the process of buying your first home simple. With experience in helping hundreds of borrowers buy their own homes sooner, we can find the right home loan to fit your needs.

Every first home buyer who works with Precision Funding is able to gain use of our extensive panel of lender options, be supported throughout the entire purchase process, assist with the completion of paperwork and give you a better home loan with lower interest rates and fees.

If you’re a first home buyer the brokers at Precision Funding can help you:

  • Find out how much you can borrow for your first home
  • What is the best lender and loan for your situation
  • Whether fixed or variable rates is right for you
  • How to reduce fees and lower the interest rate on your home loan
  • Help apply for any First Home Buyers Grant if available
  • Find out about any first home buyer related interest rate or fee specials available with lenders
  • Whether you may be eligible for a guarantor home loan, or whether you may qualify for a lenders mortgage insurance waiver

Valuations at no cost

As a highly ranked mortgage broking firm, Precision Funding has access to free upfront valuations when you’re a client of our team.

This allows you to be able to have your property valued ‘upfront’ when making a purchase to reduce the time it takes to get approved. Likewise valuations can be ordered at no cost to determine any property value before any revaluation or topup- saving time and potentially hundreds of dollars in fees.

Precision Funding is here to make the finance process of investing in property easy – leverage our experience and knowledge to make decisions with buying your first home.

If you need a mortgage broker experienced with guiding first home buyers through their first purchase, connect with us today.