About Corey Batt

Corey has a wealth of knowledge with property investing and structured lending solutions. He founded Precision Funding and it’s predecessor XL Financial to be mortgage broking firms with a strong focus on providing finance solutions to the investor market. Corey has extensive experience in residential, commercial, small and large scale development and asset lending. As an active property investor, Corey has built a substantial property portfolio, getting hands on with renovations and buying under market value distressed sales.

Planning your investment strategy? Start with your goal and work backwards.

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One of the most common questions early investors ask is: “What sort of property should I buy/What should my strategy be?” In many cases it can be the first question they ask – but cannot be accurately answered without first knowing something far more important. It’s hard to plan a journey unless you know the [...]

Lease Doc Commercial – Or How I learned to love Lease doc to continue investing

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Lease Doc Commercial - Or How I learned to love Lease doc to continue investing I've mentioned this type of product a few times and find that quite a few investors aren't aware that it exists, or how exactly it works. In the environment that APRA has created, this is can be a handy pathway [...]

APRA: The evolving lending climate for investors – challenges and opportunities

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Over the last two months the Australian residential lending markets have been under substantial changes, with shifts in lender policies and interest rates. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been responsible for applying pressure on lenders to try limit their investment lending growth through the higher stress testing of debt calculations, increases in deposit [...]

How to grow an investment portfolio with limited Equity

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Sweat Equity - Expanding your portfolio through Renovations A common issue that a lot of early investors can find in their starting their investing journey is a lack of equity to draw to make their second, third (and so on) purchases. The standard options for those early investors are either: Save for their next deposit [...]