A Helpful Guide to Getting Your Finances Ready to Buy a House

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Buying a house is a serious investment—probably one of the greatest you will ever make. Unless you have a pool full of money, you will need a plan on how to buy your house and sort out your finances before. In fact, finances are so important that you will need to work on them much [...]

How to Smartly Invest Money If You Plan to Buy a Home Soon?

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Buying a new home is the most significant expense that most people ever face in their lives. Therefore, it makes sense to plan how to invest to save enough to make a down payment or even pay off a mortgage over time. This post will cover some ways to invest your money so that you [...]

Planning your investment strategy? Start with your goal and work backwards.

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One of the most common questions early investors ask the team at Precision Funding is: “What sort of property should I buy/What should my strategy be?” In many cases it can be the first question they ask – but cannot be accurately answered without first knowing something far more important. It’s hard to plan a [...]