Improve Your Living Quarters With These Nifty Innovations

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Living quarters can be cramped and uncomfortable, but with the right innovations, you can make your living space more comfortable and functional. This blog post will discuss some nifty ways to improve your living quarters. Whether you are looking for more storage space or a way to make your living area more comfortable, we have [...]

Thinking Of Buying A New Home? Things You Need To Think About First

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Buying a new home is not a small thing, you truly need to think about it twice before making the final decision. Also, there are so many factors to go through, buying a home is not as simple as people make it up to be! This is a giant responsibility, and it will affect your [...]

Businesses using Vehicle Fleet Finance

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When it comes to financing your fleet vehicles, each business has unique circumstances which mean that different finance products can make sense. Each finance structure available has different benefits, through either ownership benefits, taxation considerations or risk management. Here’s some of the main finance options available: Finance Lease A finance lease transfers the risk of [...]

How are my Living Expenses calculated – Household Expenditure Measure

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This Article is written by Gerry Bosco, one of Australia's leading mortgage brokers assisting more borrowers get approved in the face of changing lending conditions. Need help with borrowing for your next home or investment? Call Gerry today on 1300 739 161. What are average monthly living expenses? Living expenses play a potentially crucial role [...]

How to grow a large portfolio post APRA

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APRA (the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) has fundamentally changed the ability to investment in property since began proactively enforcing policy changes on banks since April 2015. The regulator has been actively trying to alter how much investment lending banks provide, as well in recent history how much debt in Australia is on interest only terms. [...]

Diversified Lending Structure – how to extend your borrowing capacity

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It may be well known by our clients at Precision Funding – but the average investor is not aware that they can potentially increase their long term borrowing capacity by over 100% by utilising a diversified lending structure. This is a common discussion I have with first time investors, which isn’t talked about in [...]

APRA: The evolving lending climate for investors – challenges and opportunities

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Over the last two months the Australian residential lending markets have been under substantial changes, with shifts in lender policies and interest rates. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been responsible for applying pressure on lenders to try limit their investment lending growth through the higher stress testing of debt calculations, increases in deposit [...]