How are my Living Expenses calculated in 2018 – The New Standard (HEM)

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What are living expenses? Living expenses play a potentially crucial role in a lender’s servicing calculator. They are generally one part of the serviceability calculator that cannot really be reduced past a minimum floor, but certainly does have the potential to go much higher if applicants declare more than the minimum as specified by each [...]

How to grow a large portfolio post APRA

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APRA (the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) has fundamentally changed the ability to investment in property since began proactively enforcing policy changes on banks since April 2015. The regulator has been actively trying to alter how much investment lending banks provide, as well in recent history how much debt in Australia is on interest only terms. [...]

Diversified Lending Structure – how to extend your borrowing capacity

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It may be well known by our clients – but the average investor is not aware that they can potentially increase their long term borrowing capacity by over 100% by utilising a diversified lending structure. This is a common discussion I have with first time investors, which isn’t talked about in mainstream media and leaves many [...]

Lease Doc Commercial – Or How I learned to love Lease doc to continue investing

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Lease Doc Commercial - Or How I learned to love Lease doc to continue investing I've mentioned this type of product a few times and find that quite a few investors aren't aware that it exists, or how exactly it works. In the environment that APRA has created, this is can be a handy pathway [...]

APRA: The evolving lending climate for investors – challenges and opportunities

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Over the last two months the Australian residential lending markets have been under substantial changes, with shifts in lender policies and interest rates. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been responsible for applying pressure on lenders to try limit their investment lending growth through the higher stress testing of debt calculations, increases in deposit [...]