Important Things You Need To Know About Water Bore Drilling

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Not only is water important for the survival of the human race, but it’s also equally important for completing our daily tasks. From watering your lawn to washing your car, water is an indispensable resource without which life won’t be the same as we know it. However, there’s not much freshwater in the world, and [...]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Agricultural Farming

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Do you know that farming is not all about animal rearing and growing crops? Many people often view agriculture as an activity that is mainly performed in primitive societies, but this is not true. Here are 6 things you probably didn’t know about agricultural farming.   1. Agriculture Includes Science and Engineering Agriculture includes science, engineering, [...]

Expert Profile: Terry Ryder

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Terry Ryder is one of Australia’s leading real estate research analysts, writer and commentator since 1982. Building a career as an Editor for the property section of the Courier Mail and later the Australian Financial Review, Terry has an extensive history in writing and generating content regarding the Australian property market. He is an [...]

What are the best property forums in Australia?

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Property is a constant hot topic in Australia – whether it’s looking at the next home you want to buy, property renovation television shows or a swathe of newspapers, magazines and ‘experts’ talking about investment. As the average punter and also looking to join in on the conversation – property forums provide an opportunity to [...]

What Does a Buyers Agent Do?

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A buyers agent is a real estate professional who assists clients in identifying and negotiating in the purchase of properties of their behalf. There’s a variety of scenarios where a buyers agent can help their clients. From full service research based on a brief, negotiation and ensuring a smooth purchase, through to helping clients who [...]

Property Researching Tools

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Below is a list of commonly used websites for research and analysis of properties and property investment within Australia. Property Listing Websites (Residential) - Primary listing website for Residential property in Australia - Second largest residential listing website for Commercial property - Formerly independent listing website with strong presence in ACT property [...]