Do you know that farming is not all about animal rearing and growing crops? Many people often view agriculture as an activity that is mainly performed in primitive societies, but this is not true. Here are 6 things you probably didn’t know about agricultural farming.  

1. Agriculture Includes Science and Engineering

Agriculture includes science, engineering, and technology on top of growing plants and rearing animals. There are different types of genetics involved in improving animal and plant production. Farming also involves the production, design, and sale of different things used by farmers like chemicals, equipment, and others. 

2. Farmers Care About Water

Almost all agricultural activities require water. If you have limited space but you want to grow crops, you can consider the option of using a water storage tank. The most popular choice for storing water around your farm would be a steel water tank which you can use for various purposes. You can order a custom-designed tank to suit your needs depending on the activities you want to perform. 

3. Agriculture Is Specialized 

Today’s agriculture is specialized, and it involves different things like animal husbandry, poultry, growing crops, and other activities. Instead of relying on natural methods of farming, the farmers today use sophisticated equipment to improve production. Other farmers focus on one type of agriculture, and they become experts in that area. 

4. Most Things Come From Farming

Almost everything we wear, eat and use comes from animals or plants produced from different farms. Different types of clothes are made from fabric which comes from plants or animals. For example, certain animals produce fur and wool which are used in making different types of clothing. Animal hides also make components like shoes, belts, and other items we use in our homes. 

5. Farming Is a Profession

Farming is a profession or type of job you can do to earn some money. Wealth comes from the soil and this is the reason why land is at the center of conflict in different countries. Apart from producing food to feed your family, you can sell surplus outputs to earn a living. Some people specialize in producing certain types of products on their farms, and they employ many people. In other words, farming is a viable industry that is constantly growing in many parts of the globe. 

6. Farming is High-tech

Farming is high-tech in this digital age since it involves drones, iPads, robots, laptops, and many more electronics.  Many farmers use Wi-Fi, climate control systems, automated feed, and webcams to monitor different activities. You can use a backup generator which automatically starts when the power goes out. You can get a notification on your smartphone wherever you are.  

We all need to eat, so it is vital to preserve the means of production and promote sustainability. If all people were to produce their food, it would just illustrate how difficult agriculture can be. Many people often view farming as a preserve for the less privileged members of a specific community, but that is not true. Farming is our mainstay, and it affects almost all aspects of our lives.