With all the online guides and YouTube tutorials out there, it’s tempting to think that you can do pretty much anything and everything yourself. This is a common trap people fall into, which only leads to more trouble, and doubles the bills you end up having to pay. There are certain cases wherein it’s clear that a professional repairman is your best bet, as opposed to trying to pretend that you can do it yourself. Here are a few instances in which hiring a professional repairman will be worth the money.

1. Putting Up Wallpaper

Sure, you can do this yourself. Chances are, though, you’ll get some of the wallpaper lined up incorrectly, or bubbling will make it less pristine. Matching the pattern and getting it straight is actually a far greater undertaking than you’d think, and sometimes requires two people to get it right. While you can decide to save some money and do it yourself, it does come with some risks, so hiring a professional will help guarantee a beautiful outcome. 

2. Hard Plumbing Repairs

There are certain plumbing repairs you can do yourself, usually the basic ones. For example, you could replace a faulty faucet or clear blocked drains. In the blog post “Tips to Clear a Blocked Drain Yourself” from Plumfast, you’ll find simple ways to clear minor blockages without professional help. Of course, there are nuances in these issues, and you may run into more complicated blockages or intricate faucets that are hard to install yourself. In those cases, a professional is your best bet.

3. Install a Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan looks a lot easier than it actually is. Sure, you can try to do it yourself, but there are some risks involved. It also takes a few hours, and you need to make sure that you drill the anchors properly. Also, if you plan to install a particularly large fan, and aren’t comfortable with having to perform the necessary work on a ladder, then hiring a professional to help would be the smart move. Remember if any electrical work is required you will also need to use a qualified electrician for the install. 

4. Install Molding

Molding is the most intricate work you can consider doing in the home, and it doesn’t make sense to DIY.- No matter how simple that Instagram reel made it look. You will need an electronic saw and the skills needed to cut and install crown molding while at the same time being on a ladder. A professional would be able to complete this with relative ease.

5. New Door

A new door anywhere in the home is a great addition. However, it’s difficult to install on your own. You might end up with misaligned wall plates or hinges, loose screws, unlevel floors, or trim that might not fit. Trying to figure out those problems will be a huge headache if you’re not experienced.

6. Leaky Roofs

A leaky roof isn’t something you should attempt on your own. The roof is the most sensitive part of the home’s infrastructure, and it’s definitely one area you don’t want to mess up. One wrong move here, and you’ll find yourself paying thousands of dollars just to make the necessary repairs.

There are definitely a few things that you can do on your own. You can fix a simple leak or install basic light fixtures with little difficulty. For the harder stuff, you’re going to need some help. After assessing the problem and difficulty level, you’ll know whether to fix it yourself or just hire a professional. Hiring a repairman can make your life easier and be more cost-effective in the long run. Don’t shy away from doing so if you really need to.