In Australia much like the rest of the world, banks can often be seen as uncaring money driven organisations which hurt communities than help them grow. In response to this perception, many banks and lending institutions have looked to how they can engage with and develop communities – both by geographic region and interest group. Team girls is a successful example of the latter.

What is Team Girls?

Launched in 2017, Suncorp created a partnership with Netball Australia to encourage and promote girls to engage in sports through their life in response to statistics showing that almost half of all women stop playing sports by the time they reach adulthood. Suncorp identified this as an area which could provide value to Australians in multiple ways by promoting healthy activity, team dynamics and improving self confidence in their ability.

Are other banking institutions doing similar community programs?

Community engagement has becoming increasingly important to banks both as a brand exercise and to show that they are a member of the communities in which they operate. Some brands such as Bendigo Bank have taken this to the next level by encouraging all local branches to provide sponsorships and grants in their local areas – including sporting clubs, parks and other community facilities.

Other lenders such as ANZ have instead focused on helping those in marginalised groups such as the LGBT – by being a major sponsor Australia’s Mardis Gras held in Sydney and by providing grants to LGBT based businesses and community organisations.

The Commonwealth Bank has shown a long record of providing broad support for communities which are impacted by disasters including fires, storms and drought. They have also expanded this assistance to those seeking assistance in cases of domestic violence or death in the family.

Precision Funding has been a long term sponsor of community grants providing financial assistance and mortgage broker staff volunteering to charities helping those in financial distress.