Are you planning to sell your house in the next 2-3 months?

If you’re selling your home, you need to mind that buyers, can judge whether or not the property is worth to purchase just by a single look. With this, properly presenting your property before showing is really important.

According to Callan Lister, a real estate agent who owns Lister Estate Agents, property styling is now becoming a great influence in the industry. By the help of property styling, a property can rapidly increase the sale price as well as the number of offers a seller may receive.

But… this doesn’t mean that you can only rely on property styling to sell your home.

Attracting prospective buyers to come and purchased your property doesn’t need to be expensive. Basic organising and repainting can already help you with the process.

Sounds great, right? Now, are you ready to style your home prior to selling it?

Below are three simple tips you can do to win the market.

1st: Organise and Decorate Your Home

The first thing to consider in making your home look attractive to buyers is by organising and decorating your home.

Callan Lister has said, “The key to successfully styling your home for sale is persuading potential buyers that they can see themselves living there,”. You need to be as aesthetic as possible.

Giving your home an aesthetic look can simply be done by having the idea of combining the coffee table, with other accessories such as matching lamps.

It’s pretty easy, right? In addition, you can also add on some tasteful ornaments that’ll supply an even more appealing living space. Same goes with the beds and bathroom, the two spots should have fresh linen and new towels on it.

Apart from your living space, bathroom and beds, your windows should be addressed as well. Try to look at your curtains and judge with yourselves whether it’s good on the eyes or does it look tired. If so, you may need to replace it with a new one.

Even without spending a huge amount you can get nice ready-made curtains that make the place look a whole lot better,” says Callan.

Some more spots to be organised are your laundry room, drawers, and kitchen. You need to make sure to keep your mess to a minimum. Put away items which are not necessary for the buyers to see, this may be your personal clothes, shoes, documents, and even a single dirty laundry. Andrew from The Holm Group notes that whilst storing away items, you do need to be careful not to overfill your storage areas as potential buyers are looking at these spaces increasingly – an overpacked storage area can give an impression that there isn’t sufficient storage at the home. Instead it’s worth considering whether you should use offsite storage which can be cost effective and allow you to declutter without having to ‘hide’ your belongings in cupboards, garages, sheds etc.

2nd: Simplify Your Colour Choice

Your colour choice should also be your priority. In selling property, you always need to be neutral. “Colours can have a huge effect on how people feel when they walk into a home,” says Callan.

Making sure your house interiors are attractive and neat will lead to a first impression that’ll last. Not only that, it’ll also contribute to a higher percentage of closed sale or house purchased.

An appealing house for sale means there is a utilisation of neutral colours both on the inside and outside which potential buyers will love. With that said,  “If the exterior’s really bad then painting can make a huge difference” , Callan said.

Moreover, in making your property alluring to buyers, you are expected to invest some sweat cash for purchasing some paints that’ll boost the overall appeal of the property. Worry not, because you’ll get the money back when your property is purchased. Alex from Reinvestor Wealth notes in an article that as long as you manage your budget and stick to a defined minimum return on investment, you will make a return.

3rd: Kerb Appeal Inspiration

In the field of buying and selling property, kerb appeal means that a property should look attractive and alluring from the outside so that buyers will definitely but it.

Callan also has an idea on how to create the kerb appeal look. “The garden needs to be neat and tidy so think about planting some new plants, also, buy bigger ones that look established if you can afford it.”

However, if you’re not into plant investing, you may opt to use few pot plants or outdoor furniture instead. This will also help to make a difference with your home’s look. The great thing about outdoor furniture is that you can take them wherever you go.

The final tip Callan has to offer to help you attract highest prices from greatest buyers is, “You’ve got to also know who the market is and who you’re styling it for, a one-bed apartment is going to be styled differently from a four-bed house.”

That wraps up today’s article about styling your home before selling it. Just make sure to follow the three important tips to attract high potential buyers.

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