Are you planning on buying new property soon? Do you know all the steps and processes that are required? Well regardless if you do or don’t, some of these may be easy but at certain times they can be hard, especially if it’s your first time purchasing property. Solicitors are available to help you with not only conveyancing but the other required steps when purchasing new property as they have in depth knowledge about property law and general law as well. Having a solicitor that can regularly update you, advise you and help you out with the purchase of your property will save a lot of time and speed up the process. But how do we exactly choose a solicitor? Well there are a few things you should look out for that can help you figure out how to choose the right solicitor who will best suit your needs. Adelaide based conveyancer Commercial Conveyancing Solutions notes that over half of their business from referrals from happy clients – so reaching out to others you know who have had good experiences from using a conveyancer can be valuable.


Check For Recommendations

Getting a solicitor is important and very crucial when it comes to purchasing property, you need to make sure that you are getting the right person for the job. The first thing you want to do is figure out if you have a family member or friend that may have a recommendation. If you know someone who can recommend a solicitor that can help you out with your situation of purchasing new property, then that would be a great start because they may already have helped out the person that has recommended them which can be good assurance for you. Generally your mortgage broker should be able to advise you on suggestions for a conveyancer or solicitor if you ask them.


Searching Online

If there is no one that can be recommended to you, you can begin by searching online and check for companies and looking through directories where you can find solicitors. Seeing their online recommendations and ratings may be beneficial to help you know as well about feedback. You may also talk to your accountant, real estate agent or lawyer if they have any suggestions or recommendations as well since there are some similarities between the services they do and things they handle.


Make Sure You Can Work Together

It is important that you and the solicitor you are planning to hire can work together, this means that they need to be able to talk to you properly, explain what needs to be explained and handle things that they are paid to handle. Cooperation and communication is important when it comes to purchasing a property, especially during the conveyancing settlement.

Finding a solicitor that can be frank but talk to you properly and update you when necessary is important and you will want to make sure that the two of you will effectively be working together on this instead of just waiting for something to happen and not know what is going on. They have to be able to talk to you and respond to your queries and understand the situation you are in.



Ensure They Understand The Situation

Just because someone is a solicitor, that doesn’t mean you will hire them right away and that they can handle exactly everything based on that. Make sure they know what transaction will be done and in this case give them the details about the state, location and type of property that you will be purchasing. They need to know the exact situation of what you will be purchasing and how you will be purchasing it and after this is done with, make sure they know how things will be handled. It is vital that they understand the details of the situation to see if they qualify as a solicitor for the purchase you will be doing.


Confirmation On Services

There are many things a solicitor will be able to help you out with such as documents, advice, negotiations and more. Make sure that you are aware of all the things they will be helping you with and that all the services that you require will be available when you hire them. Think of it as a package, you want to make sure everything is in it or else you won’t be satisfied. Same goes with hiring them for the services they will render. Make sure they can cover everything you need covered and provide all the services that you require of them, especially if you know what you will be needing help with most.


Communication And Updates

Ask them how you will be communicating since it is one of the most important factors when handling these situations, you need to know if and how often you will meet up, talk on the phone or chat online. It is vital to understand and have this planned out since a lot of things may be required and the faster the two of you communicate, the sooner you can progress with the purchase.

It is important you talk to them about how long the process will take, how long will things be handle and when will the settlement day be planned. This is important as you will be paying for their services and need to know how long you will be going through this period of time as you purchase a new property.


Costs of Services

Be sure to know how much their services will cost and what fees you will be paying for. It is important that you know ahead how much you will be spending as this can cost a bit much at times and you need to talk about how much you will be paying for their services. Without the proper negotiation on this, you could end up with an unhappy result or might not be able to continue later on if they charge too much and other fees you did not prepare for. Ask for how much it will cost to hire them and check what the fees are for their services.