When it comes to buying a new home or property, there will be fees that you will need to pay, each with varying costs depending on what you need and what you are compelled to pay. These can be either services rendered or basic needs for the home and its transaction. Having knowledge on the costs of buying property will allow you to be prepared for when the time comes that you will settle for a property that you want to purchase and put you in the right track when it comes to the steps, processes and the costs for buying your new home.


Application Fee For Loan

Some lenders will charge for a loan application fee which seems a bit unnecessary but can sometimes be avoided. If you plan on going for loan approval on your own you might have some trouble with it, including the fees but there are mostly agents when it comes to the purchase of a home that assist you with such transactions which may even result in you not needing to pay for the application for a loan fee.

Having a mortgage broker to help you out with the process and the documents you need can sometimes allow you to avoid fees like this and can also speed up the time it takes as well as get you on a good pace.


Document Preparation

A minor cost to the requirements when buying a house at time, the preparation of documents that you need such as financial documents, identification papers, written terms, statements or legal documents that you need prepared and more. All these can cost you a small amount to even a bit more than you would have expected so it is important that you either have these documents prepare in advance, handled by a mortgage broker or have a plan in mind where and how to get these without any problems.


Lender’s Mortgage Insurance

A Lender’s Mortgage Insurance is meant to protect the lender who you have applied for a loan from in case you are unable to pay the loan back on time or at all. This can cost you more than you would usually spend on the fees for a new home but can be avoided if you have 20% or more paid for your deposit. Any amount less than 20% for a deposit will require you to pay Lender’s Mortgage Insurance.


Initial Payment

When you have settled everything and all the papers are in order you will of course need to pay the initial amount which is the deposit or down payment for the property that you are purchasing as well as any other additional fees that are to be included in the initial payment which will have been discussed with you by your mortgage broker or the agent you are coordinating with. In most cases you won’t only be paying for the deposit but also other fees depending on what is required and what has been agreed upon.


Conveyancing Lawyer or Solicitor Fees

Having a conveyancing lawyer or solicitor will cost you for their services that they provide such as advice, document preparation, settlement and more. A conveyancing lawyer will cost less since they are focused on property law while a solicitor will charge more since not only can they render services for about property law but also other forms of legalities such as taxes and property transactions.


Pest And Building Inspection

One of the important and common costs would be the inspection of your home is the inspection for the structural integrity of the property, checking for any damages and issue that may be encountered later on. Pest inspection will also cost you but this is important since you don’t want to move into a house that has an infestation or that is prone to such issues.


Stamp Duty             

Depending on which state you are in, you will need to pay a certain government tax. This depends on the value of your property and can be calculated to ensure you know how much you will need to pay. Having mortgage broker to explain and help you initially with this can save you time as well.


Property And Contents Insurance

Having insurance for your home and the items you have is important as this can be very helpful later on in the event of any unforeseen mishaps that occur. Depending on which state you are in there may be different laws and ways to calculate the costs as policies and options will differ depending where you are. It is important that you have insurance for your property and its contents as this can save you any trouble later on when a problem occurs. Arthur Harris, an insurance coverage expert recommends that home owners consider using an insurance broker to better understand the best options available, as there is a significant variance in products and fees.


Utility Connections Costs

The costs for your utilities such as water, electricity, internet, cable and other fees may need to be paid early on to avoid any long waits or for the change of the owner or move of an account if one is already available in the home. These necessary utilities may take time if not settled early on.

Costs For Moving In

Of course when moving in you can’t expect to transfer everything on your own or with a car, well you could but not everything since not all vehicles can handle everything in your home. Hiring a moving company to assist you with your things is a good choice as they can do this carefully and they have large vehicles to do so.


It’s common when new home owners move in, they consider whether they need to replace existing furniture which might be outdated or not fit the new home well. You can pay for either through savings, financed within your home loan, or even through unsecured/secured finance against the furniture being purchased.

Renovation Costs

Anything that you want to be modified at your home will come at a price whether it is to change a room, add a section or two, or configure certain areas of the property. You will spend an amount of money to pay for such renovations depending on what you want done so it is important you see the home thoroughly so you can plan this out early.


It is important that you have all the necessary calculation prepared for what you plan to spend on since some costs will be mandatory and others will be optional. There will be workarounds to some fees but it is necessary to always prepare an amount to cover the important things that you will need to pay. Some fees may come short while others may seem to cause a large toll on your budget, hiring a mortgage broker to help you out, doing research and calculating these online or with knowledge on them is vital to making sure you don’t spend more than you should.